Monday, November 14, 2016

Mummy's Tomb by Sophia and Ayesha

Sophia's Post

We are learning about Ancient Egypt’s civilization. Something critical that we did was Mummy’s Tomb. Mummy’s Tomb was like a interactive play. Everyone had a part to play and no one was left out. I was a dancing mummy. There were tour guides, zombies, god and goddess, people at the Nile, and people at the hall of terror. There different seance. There was the cafe where there was entertaining, Nile river where the Nile best was and people dying, Mrs. Bibayoff ‘s room, Mrs. Leporiere‘s room where the hall of terror was, and Mrs. Meindl’s room where the treasure room was.

Mummy’s Tomb wasn’t just an entertainment it was a learning experience. It helped us build teamwork and that is every important at Leading Edge. It's one of our pillars Building Partnership and sharing leadership. I also taught the parents about Ancient Egypt.

Mummy’s Tomb is an experience that is unforgettable.
hi.jpg-smallOne of the most fun things so far this year has been creating Mummy’s Tomb. Everyone was a part of the production, and it was incredible. I was a tour guide in mummy’s tomb, and had lots of fun doing it. There were taiko performances, tours, dances and food. Adults would get stamped and that would be the tour they were on, but we are pretty sure that some parents snuck onto the Devaraj and Jensen tour because there were a lot more people on that tour than any other! The best part about mummy’s tomb I think was the treasure room mummy dance. They did really well and it was quite a show. The room layouts were designed really well, I couldn't even tell they were classrooms. Overall, this was a really fun night, but it wasn’t just about entertainment, I also learned a lot about Ancient Egypt while doing this. Mummy’s Tomb will be a night to remember. 

Ayesha's Post


  1. Natalin, Jessica and Zahra'December 7, 2016 at 9:59 AM

    Great blog post,The mummies tomb was fun and how people recited their lines very good and also their gesture while saying it.

  2. Dear Ayesha,
    Being part of the Mummies Tomb was a very dramatic experience and we think that you did a great job writing about this topic, because you described everything very rich in detail.

  3. Pavansai and JordanDecember 7, 2016 at 10:09 AM

    We thought that this post was really good because it covered the dramatic night of mummies tomb. Jordan was the Nile beast and Pavansai was the smart tour guide. Mummies tomb was really fun and we hope to do another thing like this again. Great posts guys!

  4. Great blog Sophia! I also loved Mummies Tomb. Everyone had to have a part or just did the Mpr Performance like Taiko or "King Tut." It is true that it was a learning experience how some egyptians did embalming on a body (Actor: Avery). Also how there were some magic which turned statues to life or even gods! :)

  5. That was a very poised post. We think you did a wonderful job at explaining the details and even adding a pillar to it. I enjoyed 2 posts in one, you both made an outstanding blog about mummies tomb!

  6. I really loved Mummies tomb. It had an impact on my life.