Monday, November 7, 2016

"Create a Game" by Devraj

The blog post I am doing today is about “Create a Game” in P.E. . “Create a game” is a fun way to pick materials and use them in a special way to then create a game. There are usually 4 to 5 kids in one group. My group is Cristian, Mateo.M, Larry, and Marek. We all use the pillar of *Shared Leadership/Building Partnerships because we all have to work together to make the game . I think that this can be really fun because we create really fun games. Sometimes odd games. “Jump Row and Lift” is the game my group created. Jump Row and Lift is where you have 2 mats laid on top of each other you have a medicine ball that bounces of of the jump things you try to knock down the ball and run 10 times around the cone after that you pick up the stretcher later you run back to the russian balls and last bounce of of the beginning object. The game went well and we all had a lot of fun!! Mr. Shane was really helpful during the process.

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