Friday, November 4, 2016

Ancient Egypt Projects by Sam

In 6th grade we are currently learning about Ancient Egypt. We are learning about the culture, history, and geography of Ancient Egypt. This will be helping us with two things. One is Mummy’s Tomb which is going to be a really exciting event , and the other one is are King Tut Art Project. Our king tut art project is where our expressions teacher (Mrs.Meindl) gave us a demonstration on how to draw King Tut's Death Mask. Instead of his face it was our face.

The other project we are working on is Mummy's Tomb. This is going to be the best and biggest project of the year I think. Every 6th grader at Leading Edge has a part in this. Some will be a smart tour guide and others a dodo tour guide showing visitors how things were in Ancient Egypt. Around the Nile River will be very funny things that every 6th grader came up with. I hope everyone enjoys this and has an outstanding time too!

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  1. I am very excited for Mummy's tomb! Can't wait!