Thursday, January 5, 2017

Indian Cultural Day by Seneka

Of all the countries I’ve known India is one of the most culture bearing countries in the world, from three day weddings to symmetrical rangoli art. India not only created a unique culture, but it also created the best food in the world, potato samosas!!!

To wrap up our unit on ancient India we had an (amazing, unbelievable, fascinating, marvelous, incredible, shocking, prodigious, stunning, surprising, wonderful, and so much more) *in game show host voice* INDIAN CULTURAL DAY!!!!!! *applause*

I'm still to this day I’m amazed and shocked at how well it went. First we had a core, where we did a test on ancient India. Then we did symmetrical rangoli chalk art. We then went to the Multi-Purpose Room to show off our written skits and and our very own choreographed Jai ho dances. We then had a feast of naan and potato samosas (and some other stuff I didn’t try because I was busy eating naan and potato samosas. I mean what can I say they are delicious!!).

To wrap up this blog post I have a ‘Did You Know?’ fun facts we learned from our studies in ancient India.
  • Did you know that the reason they respect cows so much is because it’s Lord krishna's favorite animal? 
  • Did you know the most common religion in India, Hinduism, has 330 million gods? 
  • (This is not part of our studies but I mean what can say I’m in love with these things!) Did you know that samosas claimed to originate in the middle east and were brought to India by Muslim merchants (thank you, thank you, middle east for creating the best food in the world)!!

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