Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Charlie Brown Rally by: Rachel L

The Charlie Brown Kickoff Rally was a success! Each leadership student did their part to make the magic happen. There was me as Lucy, Justin as Snoopy, Nathan as Pigpen, Rory as Linus, and much more! We opened with announcement interrupted by the correctional Lucy. Then came the fun events. Our Leading Edge Taiko Team played and man was it a lot of work! Hitting the drums lasted for more than two minutes and our arms were sore. We played two songs and the gymnasium was booming with loud beats. After was the Charlie Brown Super Bowl!! The kickoff started with the referee, Brandon Berger. He announced the rules and teams. Clapping and cheers filled the room. 

The Kickoff was a success, but not for Charlie Brown. Lucy Van Pelt lifted the ball up,(I’m sure that’s not legal) having it not end so good for Charlie Brown. Soon after, the ball was stolen from Lucy and resulted in a dog pile for the ball. The ball was soon lost until the end of the game, When all seemed lost, Linus came in and saved the day, with the ball at the touchdown line. After cams a few announcements from our dear Mr. Shane! He announced the names of triumphant players of the current and past sports teams. All was great and well and to top it off, we had a Linus Blanket Race. The school clapped and cheered like they never had before as the two students from each grade lined up at the starting line to be dragged and pulled across the finish line. In the end, there was a small crash, and a rider, holding into the outside of the blanket and riding it like a sled on her pant. Everything was excellent and fun through the whole rally and I hope the next one is a more spirited and cheerful one then ever. This rally was definitely successful and I believe it was the best on so far!


  1. I loved he rally it was so funny and I loved the dog house you guys made

  2. I loved that assembly. It was very fun.

  3. I think that the rally was pretty organized and fun to watch.