Thursday, February 25, 2016

Is the seed alive? By AJ Munoz

File_000.jpegIn Science & Tech we made an apparatus to try to make the little popcorn cornel grow, my group Rachel, Carter, Hiba, and Alex made an apparatus and here is a picture. Every day we water it either at lunch or in class each of us have an assigned day. The materials we have used are Cheesecloth, Soil, Water, Toothpicks, Seeds, and a Tupperware. The one that grew the most turned out to be 5 and ½ inches long which is amazing! I loved to see the plant grow, this experiment was a blast!

~ Another Science-Related Post by A.J~

YES! Stands for Young Engineers! Part of my girl scout troop went to a science/engineer event to get a new badge and just learn what is like to be a science engineer. We did a lot of experiments like things to do with acidic base, to see what level of acid it was. We also did this experiment where you had only about 3 Newspaper, 2 paper cups, 10 rubber bands, 15 straws, and 2 paper plates. What you had to do was secure the egg so it wouldn’t break, when we dropped the egg from the top of the roof ( terrace ). Mine did not survive but it was lots of fun, we also learned how to secure the egg so it wouldn’t break! Another station was about the materials they used to build rocket ships, space shuttles and airplanes, it was so fascinating! We learned how many different types of engineer courses. For example some of the courses that use a lot of math, science and sometimes even writing! This was an amazing experience! Makes me want to be an engineer!


  1. I liked this experiment a lot. The growth of my plant, Dobby, exceeded by predictions, and grew really tall. But then it died at my house. </3

  2. I liked this project but it took a long time for ours to grow, once the project was over I felt like I was getting a bad omen about bringing it home. In the end I ended up leaving it in the locker room over the weekend.

  3. The Is the seed alive project was very fun and interesting. Having to predict how long the seed will grow really showed how people think.