Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chinatown by Ankit and Alexander

On Monday February 4, 2016, all the Sixth Grade classes went on a field trip to Chinatown in San Francisco. We saw many prodigious sights and buildings, during our walk. On our way up the street on the slender sidewalk, we saw a petite shop, which was called the house of Dim Sum. We then stopped and examined the menu and bought something delectable to eat on our way up the sidewalk. Suddenly, our group went down a slim alley and saw a man sitting on a wooden chair and playing a chinese musical instrument called the Erhu. The man played the song Jingle Bells. Immediately I realized the tantalizing aroma of a sweet, mouth watering Fortune Cookie. Then I looked to my right and saw a compact factory, so we went inside and saw dozens of fortune cookies being made fresh. In the alley, our group then continued up the alley, we slowly continued down the sidewalk after we exited the alley, and saw a chinese temple. We didn’t have a chance to enter the temple because there is a no children policy until Chinese New Years. It was time to start walking back to Little Italy, on our way there we stopped by at the the Lucky Dragon souvenir shop. We then continued down the sidewalk and stopped at the shop with the food items, I could smell the mouthwatering aroma of dumplings as I slowly strutted outside of the shop. Finally, we arrived back at Little Italy where we arrived on our way from Sacramento. Overall, we had a great time and really enjoyed our trip to Chinatown.

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  1. Chinatown was very fun, it feels like the field trip took place such a long time ago but, it has only been two months. I remember the shops were decorated with calligraphy and other beautiful decorations.