Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Chinese New Year Parade By Julianna Lawscha and Sydney Lenart

Nervously waiting for the screams to blare and for the parade to start Ms. Mindel scooted us about- this way and that until we were just perfect. “ AHHHHHHHH!” Grace and Santiago yelled, I was half expecting them to be louder, but was torn because they were probably very scared and jittery. Off we went cartwheeling, us acrobats flipping and walking. Leading the parade with pride and dignity, until it was snatched away from us when we made the wrong turn and went the wrong way. Soon we passed by the quad were thundering drums- taiko, they boomed and thudded. Walking on we went into the Staff Only Room it was cool and mysterious, soon I remembered it was the office and that I had been there many times before. We went out to the area to where lunch was usually ate. Claps and hollers from nearby tables could be heard from all directions. Circling it we cartwheeled our way back to the classrooms were we panted from exhaust and wobbled from dizziness.

Hair in buns, twirlers in hands, while anxiously waited for the parade to start. “MOVE MOVE MOVE!” Everyone yells from all corners for us to start. While you walk everyone follows like preschoolers on a leash. While twirling through the hallway 7th and 8th graders scream. Every time you twirl you get your hand caught on the ribbon. As taiko blares their music in perfect harmony you walk behind the Golden Dragon around the grassy area into the office. As you walk in you wonder ‘are we supposed to be here?’ But all is good because they cheer you on until you are out the door. You keep twirling until you get back to where you started and everyone happily leaves.

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  1. Dear Jullianna and Sydney,
    I loved that parade , and I adored the way of words that you put, but I predict that next year's might be better.