Monday, January 16, 2017

Pop Art Exhibit by Tovya

In Expressions we have been working on Candy pop-art. We first picked our favorite candy, I picked the crispy M&Ms because they had a bright green wrapper. Next we had to draw the candy we picked. We needed to make it look as realistic as possible. We had to draw all the details. Then we had to go over our drawings with a sharpie and then color it with oil pastels. We had to pick bright colors for the background too.
 I had a lot of fun making this project. All of our art work looked like the real candy. After we were done, our art projects were put in an exhibit. The seventh and eighth graders also had done pop art to display in the exhibit. Our parents can come and look at all of our art work. I think I did pretty well on my project. All of our pop art projects were really good. This was a really fun Expressions project.

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