Monday, January 9, 2017

Reading Day by Jakob

This week was our first week back from Winter Break. Although most people weren’t excited about it, I was happy to finally see all my friends and teachers after a very exciting holidays. I came into the classroom on Tuesday morning, like most others, tired and wishing I could still be snuggling in bed. Our first day back wasn’t just any normal day. It was a day of all days, where you could just snuggle up and relax while reading. It was Reading Day. You could just wake up and stay in your pajamas all day (as I did) and all that you had to bring to school was your body and a nice book or two. I was very happy as I sat down and read my Maze Runner book in my Raiders pajamas. Each period was spent doing something associated, as we spent most of our core time just plain reading. We even got to have an extended hot cocoa break and then play Kahoot as a grade. My team, (Me, Mateo, and Adam aka ADOME) didn’t win, but we still had a nice time playing the game together. All in all it was a very fun filled, enjoyable day and a nice way to come back after Winter Break.

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