Thursday, January 26, 2017

Marin Headlands Trip by Mateo M.

FUN GUY.jpgAt the beginning of the Marin Headlands trip we were introduced to many wonderful places where we can learn and explore such as the hikes, lighthouse and journal. The beginning of the Marin Headlands field trip was boring because we had to get our beds ready and dropped off our luggage in the dorms but luckily right after that we learned all of theNature Bridge rules and my group got to examine the blue whale bones first out of all the groups. I also learned that Poison Ivy has three leaves and can be red, orange or green. My group traveled to the beach right after the whale bones and my nature leader Sarah asked us to find a marine animal and make an examination on what it is using clues. The creature I found was a animal that was supposed to be under the water also known as intertidal creature a Hermit Crab. I even saw a crab in person that Adam was holding and Sarah didn’t know the species. Once the amazing experience at the beach was over we went to the The AniMal Room. It had different animals and the one I observed the most was the blue whale.I learned that Blue whales vein are so big that it can be as thick as a child. I also learned about other animals but they weren’t to interesting. When we finished we went straight to dinner and didn’t learn anything.Animal Room.jpg

On the second day my group hiked to the Lighthouse and they told us the entrance was made by Chinese Immigrants thousands of years ago. Once we got to the Lighthouse on the other side we had to write in a journal. I was going to talk about how I thought the pollution would ruin my day but I didn’t add thecarbon cycle or pollution types because I had a good day and I could breathe easily the whole day and plus the journal should be about my experiences. Right after that we went to eat dinner and the next morning we took a final hike ate lunch together and left, now I am back to my old life.

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  1. I loved Marin Headlands! I loved how you wrote a detailed blog about it.