Friday, January 13, 2017

More About Reading Day! by Juna

When it was January 3rd Leading Edge had their first Pajama/Reading Day! It's where each class had to involve reading and we got to wear comfy clothing.Let’s see what happened.

In Core, we got to read for most of the time, but we had to sit in different places in the classroom with different people.It was nice for me because I got to read an abundance amount from my book.Close to the end of Core, all of the Core classes met in Mrs.Lepriere’s room.We got in teams and played a kahoot game about books.It made us feel very energized.After we finished the game we went back to reading and went to lunch.

After lunch I went to P.E, I didn't really think that we will do something based off of reading,but we did.We read about yoga, and learned some moves ourselves.Right after we played a game! It's where there are four stations and someone in the middle closes their eyes and counts to 15.After they count to 15 they choose a corner, and the people who are in that corner are out.When you are out you get to read your free choice book.We played that till the end of the period.

In Expressions, we started on a new art project where you have a page from a book and you make a poem.I had a nice page,so it was very easy for me to make a poem out of it.After we had our words we colored out the other words we did not circle.And we made it colorful!That was basically it for Expressions, so now let's move into Math! Math was also based off of reading because math and reading go together.The reason why is because in math we read word problems and then solve.That is what we did in math, we reviewed what we learned before we went on break.And had word problems.

To end the day I had Science/Tech.We went to the media center and got into 3 groups of 8-10.We chose a historical fiction book and then we played a game of white elephant.We all got a number and lined up in that order.I got the book that I originally had.After we got our books we checked them out and started to read them.That was our wonderful day of reading.

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