Friday, September 18, 2015

3D Design Club by Cameron

Do you know what a 3D printer is? The 3D printer is small but unique. The 3D printer melts a plastic substance called filament which forms any shape or object. I was able to experience this myself for the first time in 3D Printer Club. What I enjoy most about this club is when you start off you instantly get shown how to work Tinkercad (which is a website) and you create a name tag. Well, you can pretty much print anything you can think of. 

The designs print in white but you can color them yourself if you want. There are also some different colors of filament. I like that I can experiment with different shapes and sizes to personalize my own objects. Sounds cool right? You should join us Tuesdays at lunch in Ms. Bibayoff’s classroom, for 3D Printer Club!

I asked people what they like best about the club and here are some of their answers.

”I can make objects I can’t draw on a piece of paper.”

”I feel expressive. The options are limitless!”

Clearly I’m not the only one who loves it! So remember, come check it out next Tuesday. See you there! :)


  1. Dear Cameron,

    I really enjoyed reading this very descriptive blog.How do you join the 3D design club?

  2. Dear Cameron
    I loved how you started your post with a question it really grabbed the reader, well it sure did grab me. Before I didn't know what a 3D printer did or what it was but when you started to describe it I was able to understand it more.

  3. I love this post and I like how you included how fun it is and what a 3D printer is for those who don't exactly know what a 3D printer is. I love 3D printing club! ,it's so fun and I go to 3D printing club almost every week and make designs but the only thing that I don't really enjoy is that not everyone gets to make an object every time because the 3D printer is very time consuming but overall I love 3D printing club! I just have one question, what is your favorite thing you've made so far?

  4. Cameron,

    I really like how descriptive you were in the post like how you called the filament filament not just things. I know how fun 3D printer club is because I've been there before and I had so much fun. I have a question though because I haven't been there in a while, is it only on Tuesdays at lunch? And are we allowed to use the colored filament?

    1. Thanks for the kind words about my blog and yes there is colored filament.

  5. Nice job, Cameron! It is a fun club and now is even better with more options like drones. I can't believe what good drone pilots some of you have become!