Sunday, September 13, 2015

"Create a Culture" Presentations by Mayee and Krystal

Last week we watched interesting presentations from our “Create a Culture” project, where we had to create cultures and talk about them. Each and every one captured every aspect of the unique culture, and made each one special. There were six groups (in each Core class), each made of 4-5 people. Some of the groups brought food and did rituals, and one of the groups even face painted. 

One of the presentations was on Rotomokan culture, which is located in Nicosia, Cyprus. We got to learn a lot about Rotomokan culture, including what types of clothes they wore, the food they ate, and what games they played. They made shirts with their flag and brought food that resembled one of their culture’s foods. We learned that they weren’t allowed to be naked, and that they love to eat turtles. I found a lot about Rotomokan culture, and I really thought that they were good.

The "Peaceful tribe" had 5 people. Some of the them made coins, model houses which were really creative, and others brought special possessions to share with the class.Their tribe was located in China.

The Sol tribe taught us about fire and how they were able to control it too. They also brought great artifacts that made their presentation pop.

The Chickasha Tribe had an extraordinary presentation. The thing I loved the most is that they were very creative. They had a lot of interesting facts. They brought flags and food and had a nice, short, quick, but fun presentation.

"Shuba! Ala qua suf?" That’s how you say ¨Hi! How are you?” in Jaguhissogan. The Jaguhissog culture is another culture I loved to watch present. Their presentation was very colorful and had lots of images. I loved their presentation because it was very thought out and detailed. They were located in the Amazons, and they had lots of trees in the area. They believed in many things, and they were very religious. They believed in a creature so powerful, it had the powers of all animals in the amazons. It granted wishes to anybody that did good, but killed enemies. The Jaguhissog culture also believed that you had to get a jaguar head to become an adult. I thought that it was pretty cool that you needed a jaguar head to become an adult, but in all honesty, if I were a Jaguhissogan, I would be to scared of jaguars to actually kill one.

Another group that I really liked were the Lahaina culture group. Their culture originated in Lahaina, Hawaii. When they presented, I felt like I was in Hawaii, too! They presented with ease, and they even did some extra slides. Since they lived in Hawaii, fruits were a big influence, they incorporated fruits into games and foods. The Lahainas even played a game to see who could throw fruit the farthest, and they also ate fruits like taro, papayas, and coconuts. The Lahainas seemed really nice, too. They didn’t allow discrimination or crime, so I’d say the Lahainas believed in a truly peaceful culture.


  1. The Create a culture presentations were great. I learned so much from them, I especially loved learning about the language of different cultures so many years ago.

  2. Good job Mayee and Krystal, I like all the detail you put in. I think that those groups seemed to also do a good job. The pictures made it look like they all had fun.

  3. Mayee and Krystal

    Amazing job on your blog! You both showed time and effort in your work by having detail. It sounded like all of the Create a Culture projects were very interesting and fun. I loved how you included facts about all of the groups' cultures, but maybe next time you could ask other students from different classes about their Create a Culture experience. Once again, great job! ; )