Friday, September 18, 2015

Boys' Soccer Team Interview by Reyna and Nuha

The Team

Reyna and I interviewed the boy’s soccer team and their coach, and they had a lot of interesting responses. Here are the team's answers:

Reyna: Why do you like soccer?
Jaren: It is very fun.
Danny: It is very exciting.
Blake: I like kicking things.
Trevor: I get to play against different people.
Reyna: What is your favorite part of being on the team?
Danny: I get to play with my friends.
Trevor: I like winning the games.

The Coach

We also asked the coach, Mr. Shane, some questions. He gave us a good response. Here is what he said.

Nuha: What inspired you to become a coach?
Mr.Shane: The cause of me being a coach is loving sports.
Nuha: Did you play soccer when you were little?
Mr.Shane: Of course I did.
Nuha: Is it hard becoming a coach?
Mr.Shane: No, but you have to learn the game’s rules.
Nuha: Why did you become a coach in the first place?
Mr.Shane: I like being part of the game.


  1. Reyna and Nuha,
    I really like how you showed people's opinions. Personally, I don't know a lot about soccer. It isn't really my sport. I also really like how you did not just interview the players, but you also interviewed Mr. Shane. That really added more depth to the conversation. Do either of you play soccer?

  2. Reyna and Nuha,
    Your blog was very good and interesting. You both had great questions to ask and both of you were very thoughtful. Great job on reporting!

  3. I loved reading your blog, I liked the part when you guys interviewed the team.

  4. Reyna and Nuha,

    I like how you guys asked the question and put the answer with the persons name. How come you didn't ask everyone that is on the soccer team?

    1. We couldn't find all of them.

  5. Reyna and Nuha,
    I think that was very smart of you two to interview the soccer boys and their soccer coach Mr.Shane. I had a fun time reading it.

  6. I have been to 2 of there games and they loss both(sadly). But I like that you interviewed the players that added on to what you said.

  7. I like ho you interviewed the team and asked them for what the like about soccer.

  8. I like your blog Reyna and Nuha. I think it is very good. I think you guys put a lot of effort into it and you guys were able o articulate on it.