Friday, September 18, 2015

Expressions by Gurkirat

This year in expressions class, we are doing lot of cool things. We are learning new and different techniques of art. The unit we are doing right now in expressions is very interesting. We are doing apple art. It is like drawing an apple by looking at an actual apple that’s right in front of you and you have to add all the features you can. You also get to color it or paint it and do many more stuff to it.  

Last week, we also finished up our one point perspective that came out great for everyone. It looks like you are looking forward in the picture. Someone even drew a Minecraft one that looks really good. We also had a chess unit that we play chess technically all period. And we also made this opt hand art thing that some of them were actually like it was 3D. On the first week of school we made a Modigliani self portrait of ourselves with oil pastels.While doing art we get to listen to happy Meindl music. I start to enjoy art more after coming to expressions class.

Thanks for reading.

(Photos by Gurkirat too!)


  1. I love how you told us everything about expressions! The pictures were really good. If a seventh grader wanted to know what we were doing in expressions they would know everything by reading this post. Also are you good at chest? This was a really good post Gurkirat.

  2. Gurkarat I liked how you went from the most resent art piece to the oldest one. The apple art was really fun to do, and you used great detail on how the art was meant to be done. My favorite art was the apple art. What is your favorite art that you have done so far in expressions?

  3. Good job gurkirat i liked that you told all of the things we do at expressions. You also put a lot of description in it. was it hard to write the blog

  4. I like how you structured the paragraphs the post is structured very good

    1. Thanks for the compilment.