Tuesday, September 22, 2015

LEA Clubs by Zander

If you thought that Leading Edge was just school you were wrong. There are a lot of clubs. Just note that the ones that I go over are not all of the clubs. These are just the clubs that I know of so I could get information to write about, so just note that not all of the clubs are listed here.

The first I am going to go over is Taiko. This club is the club that is most frequent. It mainly happens every Wednesday morning from 8am to 9:15 am In I-1. However sometimes it happens on Thursday and Tuesday at lunch in I-1. Taiko is drumming. You should hear what music they make. It is music to the ears, literally. There will be auditions soon, and I wonder who will get cut…

The next club is 3D printer club. In this club you can make 3D designs on the computer and print them (Note this process takes a while). This club is in I-3, every Tuesday at lunch. This club allows you to make little models and take them home. So if you like modeling except dont have the time to model, or like to model but are just bad at it this is the club for you.

The third club is Glee club. This club allows you to express yourself in different ways such as singing. This club is highly new so if you are interested definitely join. This club is at I-4 Tuesday at lunch (next to 3D printer club). Because the club is new, there is not much info I can give you, Sorry.

The fourth club that I am going to be going over is Magizine club. This club is meant for people who want to write for the school magazine. The magazine is currently the Charter Chronicles but the name may be changed. This club is in H-3 (enter at the second door) Thursday at lunch. However if you are going to come to this club, you better hurry, not because it's cut and the slots are filling up, no (this isn't even cut) but because everybody has a job for the magazine so definitely hurry.
And finally we have my favorite club. CHESS CLUB!!!!. THATS RIGHT, THERE IS CHESS CLUB. Chess club is kinda self explanatory but I do have some stuff to say about it. Chess club is not for beginners at chess, I repeat IT IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS AT CHESS. This club is for the entire school. That means 6-8th graders are welcome. The best chess players in the school will come to chess club and see if anybody is better than them. The balance between strong players and weak players that vs. me are equal.


  1. Zander,

    I liked how you explained about the clubs in LE, but in detail. Not many people if experienced didn't explain in their positive comment in depth. For example, I saw a comment "I like trees". That's a really boring post, right? How about this "I like trees because It always danced in the wind" Much better, exactly!

  2. I love how you explained in much detail about the clubs. It for sure makes me want to join more clubs than the clubs i'm in right now. I learned a lot about the clubs while learning a lot about you.

  3. Zander,
    I like how you explained all those clubs, but I think you forgot one more club, the yearbook club, but that was still very good. I like how you used description, it made me want to enter some clubs! What kind of clubs did you enter so far?