Friday, October 24, 2014

6th and 7th Grade Pre-Algebra Students Unite to Work in ♥Math♥ │By Rani

It’s always great to work together in any way, and that is why working together is one of Leading Edge’s pillars. And that is also why Mrs.Hanson (6th Grade Math Teacher) and Mrs. Ferran (7th Grade Math Teacher) thought that they should take each of their kids from the same level of math and have them work together for a fun and mathematical project.

In the 6th Grade Pre-Algebra class, everyone was to pick a partner even though they already had a partner from 7th grade, so they made a team of four.

Together, they were assigned a mathematical subject that both classes had already learned and have to reteach it to everyone else. Example, my partner is Manelle and we were assigned “ Multiplying Fractions Using Real World Problems”. Now Manelle, Her 7th grade buddy, my 7th grade buddy and I have to make a video reteaching that same lesson we learned before using any program we would like. I think that it will work out! ☺

To Mrs. Hanson: Congratulations from Leading Edge about your wedding! I hope you have a wonderful marriage! ♥

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