Friday, October 10, 2014

Mesopotamia Puppet Show Palooza, by Shelby

The Puppet Show Palooza was a puppet show dedicated to ancient Mesopotamia. Two groups from each of the sixth grade classes showed their plays based off of real historical events. As a spectator, the show was fantastic and each play was funny and full of information. I interviewed some of the actors, and this is what they had to say… ¨I thought it was great, and all the plays were great!¨ reported Cole who played Nebuchadnezzar in The Hanging Gardens from Ms. Meindl’s class.
 “Cole’s performance with the waterfall was pretty cool,¨ agreed Daniel who played Hammurabi and Patrick low from Mrs. Hanson’s class.
 ¨It was funny and had a lot of information, but I thought Charlie [as the Hammurabi puppet] was abusing his servant [Ryan’s Enkidu puppet],¨ said Michael who played Gilgamesh in Gilgamesh and Enkidu from Mrs. Bibayoff’s class.
 ¨I think Charlie just got a little too into character,¨ Ryan agreed with a smile. Overall, actors and spectators all enjoyed the Mesopotamia Puppet Show!

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