Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lawrence Hall of Science, by JohnPatrick

When we got to the Lawrence Hall of Science, we played on the whale until the bus got there. Mrs. Hanson told us us what to do and where to go so we wouldn’t get lost and have no idea where we were going. We had to quickly run down the stairs until we reached our lab. We were the first people there so we sat down closest to the door. Those were the closest seats when we walked in. In our group was Caleb, Caleb’s dad, Jeren, Christian, Zachery, and myself.
We built many different wind turbines and our wind speed got up to 1.2 volts of power. The best was 1.8 by two other groups. I learned a lot about wind turbines and it was fun. I learned that people use wind turbines to power electricity. The faster the wind turbine rotates, the more electricity is generated. We all had different fans that caused the wind turbines to rotate faster or slower creating more or less energy.

After, we explored the museum's other two stations. One station we got to race cars and I beat all the courses. The second station we got to make video’s out of pictures. Zachery, Caleb and I, made two videos. Both videos were silly, but fun to make.

kaq-McOFLnzZ7Yb-Pk2bko2WPieRzNJ9VGtlIDqMFQjEnHaGVlozOmUJBeAC0_N8_rHkmA=w1327-h537We found a fountain outside and tried to block the water flow with a few boards just for fun. But we didn’t have enough boards to block the rivers flow. We took a few pictures of the best view in the world and we could see the whole city from that viewpoint .

Caleb and I, found a building area and we built a few buildings and had a competition to see who could build the highest one and he won. We knocked down our buildings the fun way ( we tossed blocks at the buildings).

It was fun, but it was time to leave so we said goodby to the whale and left after having a great time and great experiences.


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