Monday, October 6, 2014

Artist Reports by Kate

Amol's Tribute to Picasso

In the 6th grade expressions, the classes just finished up their artist reports. They had to pick an artist of their choice and learn about the world famous artist and write a report and do a recreation of their work.Everybody worked very hard with making a report. But people worked even harder on the recreation of the artists’ work.

Shreya's Tribute to Brandon McCollen 
I am in awe over Amol’s recreation of Picasso’s work. And Shreya’s recreation was very good. I also learned a lot about my artist, the world famous Walt Disney. I learned that Walt Disney made over 20,000 films/cartoons. I am happy we did this project because it helped everybody learn something new, and I think that was the important part to this project.The effort everybody put into this project blew me away. It was easier to succeed with Ms. Meindl being generous with class time and helping and being supportive.I couldn’t have asked for more supportive classmates and teachers.

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