Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lawrence Hall of Science, by Sai

I had a lot of fun at LHS. We did things like engineering, playing games, and playing around the museum. I went to engineering with hydraulics lab, and it was super fun! Amol (my partner) and I had to create a machine that could lift 12 OZ. using only piston, little tubes, a platform, wooden lifts and arms, and plastic cups. Amol and I were the first ones to finish and accomplish the challenge. Here is our machine to the left.

After everyone made their machines we got to present them, and me and Amol rose our hands as high as they could go. The teacher picked us and we presented with a lot of enthusiasm. After that other people presented theirs and they used ideas that were very unique like ours. after everyone presented we got to go in to the actual museum and explore. I found some really cool stuff like a room with a big sphere hanging from the ceiling that has projections on it.

We went to another room where there were games for the mind, for example, mancala. After that I went outside in the back of the museum and played around in the water. there were also telescopes we could see through and look at things like the golden gate bridge and islands in the ocean. after we went outside we went to the game room again and played really fun games for a longer time. After we played games for about an hour Ms. Hanson came and told us we had to go. We were sad but we eventually went to the bus.  That is my trip to the Lawrence Hall of Science.

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