Monday, October 27, 2014

A Field Trip to Remember by Sierra

Rory, Dylan, Abel, and Mrs. Marco put their invention on the test pad.

Kids learn about the brain.
On Tuesday, October 21, my sixth grade class and I went ot the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley. We learned many things, such as traction and global weather. We were split up into three different lab groups: One group learned about what makes up the brain, what triggers what, and even touched a real brain! Another group had the chance to learn about hydraulics. The final group, which I was in, learned about wind turbines and watts of power. During the hour, we discovered how many blades are usually on a wind turbine ( windmill ) and about what shape, size, and weight of blades produced the most wind power. Cool fact learned: wind turbines turn wind energy into electrical energy. Additionally, the energy travels to smaller towns and fuels electronics such as lamps, radios, and computers.
Ex4AnMK2Ie7lEG38Z123C130DHspWqTJbo71BHrqyjjafrTCYkLMI4dvbvQGrpv1LbtuXA=w1327-h537After we finished our labs, we broke into little groups and explored the museum. With many activities, nobody was left behind. Many people visited the “ Math Around the World “ room and tried games from Japan, China and more. Who knew that math could be so fun? Others decided to stay by the “ Weather Conditions “ room. In this room, students could make it “ rain “ with the movement control simulator. By putting your hand over the glass screen the valley would soon experience rain or snow. Of course this did not happen in the real world, but it was still fun to imagine. Other classmates chose to stay by the “ Insect Zoo “ , where different species of bugs could be seen. The size of the bugs varied from microscopic to the size of a hand!
One of the most popular spots was the outside area. There were structures to play on, a beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay, and even a pond. People leaped from stone to stone and attempted to block the water ways with plastic boards.
The front of the museum was a vast and open area to play….. Everything having to do with science. There was a DNA strand and a life size, 45 foot model of a whale. The fountain was a hit and a nice spot for lunch.

This was a fieldtrip to remember! All of my classmates thought that we should do something like this again. Possibilities surround us for taking another fun adventure with our school.


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