Friday, October 24, 2014

My Blog: LHS Field Trip By Alexis

As everyone knows, we recently took a field trip to Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science. It may have been a long drive, but it was definitely worth the wait. There were so many awesome exhibits to see, and there was something for everyone. The three workshops that we were split into seemed very interesting and awesome! Whether you were looking at the human brain, creating a hydraulic machine, or building a mini windmill, I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a great time! I know I did!

The hydraulics workshop was the one I was involved in, and I know that it was very fun! We created our own machine using the science of hydraulics to be able to lift 12 ounces. Manelle says, “My favorite part was the workshop! It was so cool to see all the animals!” From what I can tell, everyone loved this awesome experience!

The museum was so cool and interesting with so many things to see. There were creep crawlies, games, and interactive exhibits such as the create a dam that was outside! One thing that was very much worth pointing out was the amazing edge-of-the-world-like view from outside. You could see almost all of San Francisco from there! That view made me a little scared due to a small fear of heights, but I still enjoyed every bit of it. I would have to say that the outside area was my favorite part of the museum. It was so beautiful, relaxing and peaceful! I could’ve spent hours looking of that ledge! Alyx also says that her favorite part was the view over San Francisco!

This field trip was lots of fun and I’m sure that lots of people will want to go back again soon! Thanks for reading!

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