Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Chinese New Year Parade and Rally by Mihir

Very recently, our Leading Edge 6th graders had been working very hard to get ready for the famous and annual Chinese New Years parade, while the beloved 7th and 8th graders prepped up for an amazing taiko performance. We had spent 3 week painting, drawing, and practicing for the Chinese New Years parade. Everybody had had their posters ready, and the lion dancers had huge fearsome masks on, while the ribbon twirlers were putting up an amazing display. Unfortunately due to horrible weather conditions our parade was postponed, but we were still as pumped up to participate in the Chinese New Year ceremony the following Monday. We had started our grand march from the back of the school, and we slowly walked through a hallway filled with 7th graders who presumably joined us in our march to the gymnasium. When we entered, we made three laps around the polished wood floor, while the taiko drummers played echoing beats that seemed to vibrate in your chest. After we had walked our three laps around the gym, we sat down on the velvet red bleachers, excited to watch our fantastic rally. It was very hilarious rally, with much shouting and cheering people on. Our class representatives, one from each grade took the stage and performed comical tasks, like kicking shoes on a table, or trying to keep two balloons in the air and not letting it touch the ground. After the rally was over, we picked up our floats, ribbons, parasols, and posters and trudged back to our class rooms. Around this time, the bell had rung and many people were heading for the school gates. It had been a marvelous day, with an amazing parade, and an awesome rally.

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