Monday, March 6, 2017

Current Events by Danil Furman

As many of you know, we in sixth grade at Leading Edge have to do a current event in class as part of your Social Studies grade. We need to report on an event outside of the U.S. I did mine in the second week of school and it was about Brexit. And as the year progressed I saw students do their current events about terrorists and bombings in the Middle East. I'm not saying that those incidents don't matter. It’s just that all of them feel the same. But I can’t blame the students, Donald Trump and terrorists are the only things on the news. But there must be something else interesting in the world going on right now, right? Well I did a quick Google search and yes there is other stuff going on in the world, like the first artificial 3D embryo was made in a lab, this is some important stuff. This might be our first step with making an artificial person and changing genes. At the end of the road,I hope more students do different current events about different topics.

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  1. Well done Danil! We really enjoyed how you talked about other people's current event! You're right on how the people in your class don't like Donald Trump, because most peole right now don't like him. Why did you choose your blog post about current events?