Monday, March 6, 2017

Greek God Posters by Maveel

The second trimester we were designing Greek Gods. It was really enjoyable. We had to choose our teams and work with them on creating our ancient greek god. My partner and I were an amazing team. We worked on Hephaestus. You could choose your team's god or goddess as long as it is not chosen or taken. I enjoyed coloring Hephaestus and outlining his arm. When I was walking around and looking at others, they looked so extraordinarily fantastic. All of theirs were turning out pretty amazing.

To make us work faster and get it done we worked on one thing by ourselves so we would not be distracted. All we had to do was outline it, then go over it with sharpie, and color and cut. When we had to create our Greek Gods and Goddesses, we had to look up an image of our god or goddess and outline it on our poster. My favorite part of this project was being a team and working together. Oh hey this connects to one of the LE pillars: Building Partnerships! My partner and I worked extremely well together.

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