Monday, March 6, 2017

Spirit Week by Daniel Poedyasmara

A couple of weeks ago on Monday we had a Rally Day for Spirit Week, we did many events on the Rally Day. We had a Chinese New Year parade consisting of all of the 6th graders. In the parade we had lion dancers, skateboarding roosters who pulled a big float, big Dragons, pogo jumpers, parasol dancers, fan dancers, flag holders, and banner marchers. In the rally we played minute to win it 3 times, the games were flip the shoe on the table and whoever didn't flip it onto the table fast enough lost.
The Tuesday of that week we could wear every sports clothes that we could find, but if you didn't want to participate then you didn't have to. I wore a Golden State Warriors t-shirt. On Wednesday we could wear anything with neon on it, and again if you didn't want to participate then you didn't have to.

On Thursday we had a Bow-Tie day, you could wear a bow, you could wear a tie, or you could wear a bow-tie, but again if you didn't want to participate you

didn't have to. Also on Thursday we had a dance. It was casino themed and there was a photo booth with a spades background. Also there was a magic booth with someone hypnotizing people, if you wanted to get hypnotized you would have to wait in a line. This rally week was very exciting and we had a surplus of fun.

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