Monday, March 20, 2017

History Day at County Competition by Josephine

On March 4th, six of Leading Edge’s sixth graders competed in county history day. Over the span of a few weeks they were working on their projects perfecting and finishing them. The six students who competed were Jenifer Hong, Dana Yoon, Rachel Tokarski, Tea Novello, Olivia Carrillo and myself. We had been working on our projects for weeks, then the day came and it was time to go to Inderkum High School to get interviewed about our projects. I did a website, and Dana, Jennifer, Tea, Rachel, and Olivia made tri-folds. When we arrived at history day we collected our things and prepared to be interviewed. I was the first to be interviewed, inside of the room I was asked questions about my project and why I chose to do my person for the theme, taking a stand in history. Afterwards Olivia, Rachel, Tea, Dana, and Jennifer went. Before going back home there were tables with historical presentations upstairs, like soap carving, information about slavery, and so much more. After exploring a little bit we were excused to go home before coming back at 3. When we came back we were allowed to look at everyone else's projects as well. They had posted the finalists for the tri-fold presentations at that point and unfortunately none of our six graders who worked on a tri-fold got into the finalists. Although, they did not post the finalists for websites. They then did a presentation about what history day means and gave out special awards. Then, they gave out awards for exhibits and websites. Several other Leading Edge students got into state history day. And then, when they were listing the winners for websites they called my name! I was so excited and went up to get my medal. I will now be competing at state history day in May. Great job to everyone who competed in history day, you all did incredible! 

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