Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"Murder in Athens" by Jennifer

Right now we are learning about Ancient Greece so we did a skit that went along with what we were learning. “Murder in Athens” was the skit and this was a real trial that happened in Athens a long time ago. Our core class decided that Daphne was guilty. We game to this decision after hearing from Daphne’s son Leon and her step-son Milo. The story was that Timotheos, who was Daphne’s wife was going on a trip to somewhere far away with his friend, Philoneos. Daphne and her slave friend Themis, Philoneos’ girlfriend, decided to buy a love potion to save their relationships. So, before Timotheos and Philoneos left for the trip, Daphne and Themis had a dinner together. Daphne and Themis bought a love potion from a mysterious potion seller and they put it into Timotheos’ and Philoneos’ drink. Philoneos dropped down dead but Timotheos suffered in pain and agony for three weeks before he died. Themis was killed on the spot because she was a slave but, Daphne was put into trial for she was a wife of a citizen. During the trial the judge(Rachel) was the one who announced if Daphne was guilty or not. Mihir was against Daphne and Josephine was defending Daphne. I didn’t have a part in the actual script but I was part of the jury and I got to tell my opinion if I thought Daphne was guilty or not. It was a close result but 10 people said that Daphne was guilty and 9 people said she was not, so the guard(Ayesha) killed Daphne on the spot. I had a great time while watching and participating in the skit “Murder in Athens.”

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  1. Ashleen and Zahra'April 19, 2017 at 12:24 PM

    Dear Jennifer,
    I really liked how you added the reason why the trail happened,for example, when you said how Daphne and Themis poisoned and killed their loves. In your class, was Daphne found guilty or innocent?
    Ashleen and Zahra'